Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Fresh off the production line

It’s always a relief to finish a couple of jobs that have been dragging on for months. Things to do in my own time are always at risk of being sidelined in favour of other things like car repairs, decorating, horse riding or the odd Stockport County match!

Anyway, with apologies to the models’ owners (for the delay), a BR blue ‘A4’ Sir Nigel Gresley is now en route back to Australia and a pair of ‘Peaks’ are making their way up to Scotland.

The blue ‘A4’ has turned out well, although I must admit to being wary of ruining a perfectly good model (originally 60029 Woodcock in BR green). Not the easiest thing to dismantle and strip for a new paint job, the chimney also had to be modified to a single unit to suit the period in which Sir Nigel wore the blue scheme. As luck would have it, I had a spare ‘A4’ lying around that has donated a smoke stack to the cause!

Despite my reservations about the colour, the blue looks well on the model, off-set nicely by the white-black-lining (Fox Transfers). Just a whisper of track debris and smoke/coal dust takes away the immaculate finish and adds a little extra realism.

I hope it makes it back Down Under in one piece!

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