Sunday, 8 November 2009

New Rail Paints on Test

Just received a pack of British Railways acrylic livery paints from Lifecolor, produced by the respected Italian firm Astromodel. I helped in the development of this range in as much as they wanted to know which would be the best colours to include in a box of six paints, as well as supplying reference images for each shade.
Choosing six colours wasn't easy, not least as the pack was to appeal to steam & diesel era modellers. Therefore, there's the main loco shades of BR blue, loco green and maroon (for carriages too), plus rail grey for blue/grey stock and the two main liveroes for freight wagons, bauxite and 'unfitted' grey.
I had wanted a shade of warning panel yellow, but that would have been at the expense of one of the others and, as there were two different yellows (pre- and post- 1984), which one to include? Anyway, if this pack's a success, I'm sure that the range will expand.
Currently only available in the boxed set, they're available from for a a few pennies less than £14.00.
I'm about to start trialling the paints properly by spraying a couple of models that are awaiting a livery. But that's going to be interrupted by a week away in the Model Rail office in Peterborough. A full review will appear in the magazine in the next month or two, while I'll post some brief musings here in a week or so.
I must say, though that they look promising! Lifecolor paints are high quality acrylics that are a joy to apply by hand or airbrush and I can't see why these should be any different.

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