Tuesday, 29 December 2009

A Buxton Christmas

Here's some more images taken over Christmas during the heavy snowfalls hereabouts. It took me a few hours to dig out my car and lay a trail of sand down the road before we could make it out onto the highway for a visit to the in-laws at the weekend. All good fun, though.
Buxton looked especially nice in the snow and I was impressed that the train service remained virtually unaffected throughout the bad weather and proved a far less perilous means of getting about than by roads; as the many abandoned cars (some in other people's front gardens) bear testimony to.
Not had a chance to do any modelling over the holiday yet, but there's a few days left to get out in the shed and do a bit on Dent station...
The lower two images above were taken on Christmas Day near Norbury and show how the white stuff usually sits in and around the tracks. It looks a bit like polyfilla, doesn't it?!

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