Monday, 25 January 2010

Back Home

Looking towards Settle from Langcliffe, 16 Jan

Class 158 at Langcliffe, Carlisle-Leeds

It was with a heavy heart that I packed up and left Settle on Friday night to come home. If it wasn’t for a prior engagement in Meltham for Saturday lunch, I’d have liked to have stayed in the Dales a bit longer. Oh well, the break has been productive – 9 out of 16 chapters of my next book have been roughly written, with the others planned out and a LONG list of required photographs and illustrations drawn up.

Dent Porter

I was a little disappointed not to fit in a round trip to Carlisle. Not only was I worried about interrupting my flow but the heavy cloud towards the end of the week would have made the scenery invisible, so it seemed like a waste of 20-odd quid. I did, however, stock up on Dent beers (hard work carrying them on the three trains and a cab home), including a new one called ‘Dent Porter’, complete with an image of Dent station on the label! Very nice it is too...

Freightliner Class 66 heads north at Langcliffe

The ‘do’ on Saturday saw me travel through Standedge tunnel, once again, to Huddersfield to catch the bus to Meltham – a great little Pennine village near Holmfirth. Having never alighted at Huddersfield before, it was nice to see the splendour of the station from the outside: very impressive. A shame about the new ticket office, though. A typical modern affair, rather like being in a bank (“please go to counter number 4...” etc). The Head of Steam pub is also worth a mooch.

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