Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Going to Giggleswick

Greetings from Settle public library! I'm well into my writer's holiday in the Yorkshire Dales and have managed to write 4 chapters in 4 days and have rewarded myself with a mooch into town on market day. One of my many other hobbies is trying out local libraries – the smaller the better (and Settle’s is quite tiny). In my younger days I worked as a librarian for over 5 years and have retained a fondness for them, especially as they can be vital community resources.

My Dad made a big thing of taking me to join the local library as soon as I was old enough and regularly reminded me of how great these places were. All that knowledge and information - and it’s all FREE! All you have to do is turn up and you can learn about anything you like. Besides, local libraries always have at least a few books on the railways of the area and Settle Library is well stocked in this respect, both in the local history and transport sections.

Anyway, I’ve just logged on to the library’s computer to check my email and ensure that there were no problems with my latest submissions to Model Rail. The DB Class 103 electric has been sent down to Peterborough and I always fret about ‘my’ models reaching their destination in one piece, especially after spending so much time on them.

Also, somewhat belatedly (Mrs D made off with the camera before I could download these pics!), here are some photos of Giggleswick station in the snow, from Jan 9th. Most of the snow has melted now, but the S&C and Settle Junction-Carnforth lines ran almost without problems throughout the severe weather. Hoorah, I say! I'm planning a jaunt to Carlisle and back later this week, all in the name of research of course! However, I'm hanging on for a clear(ish) day so I can actually see the scenery...

Going back to my ride in 142078 from Leeds to Giggleswick, it was really good fun (see ‘Eventful weekend in Settle’ entry) and was the first time I’d been on a ‘Pacer’ for about 6 years. Surprisingly, I’ve missed riding on these. They used to be the staple traction whenever I went into and out of Liverpool regardless, it seemed, of distance. I’m not sure that they were designed for use on long cross-country services, but they’ve managed to keep going for over 20 years.

Maybe it’s because they’re quite old, without all the bells and whistles of modern units, but I’m becoming fond of these ‘Nodding Donkeys’. So much so that it’s reminded me that I have 3 Hornby ‘Pacers’ in my collection that may be bumped up the list of future projects. Maybe one in GMPTE orange, perhaps...?

A view towards Settle from Giggleswick. Can you spot the course of the S&C?

Back on 25th Jan...

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