Monday, 29 March 2010

More New Rail Paints

I've just received details of this new pack of Lifecolor acrylic paints, produced to compliment the same maker's recent pack of BR railway livery colours (see various posts from last year). In stock and on sale now from The Airbrush Company, the 6-pack is priced at £15.59 inc VAT (6 x 22ml jars) or each shade is also available seperately, at £2.30 per jar (22ml).

The colours included are: Track Dirt, Frame Dirt, Sleeper Grime, Weathered Black, Roof Dirt and Brake Dust, all formulated to a matt finish.

The Airbrush Co. have dispatched a trial set to me and I shall conduct a review for Model Rail ASAP, with extra notes on my findings and illustrated 'tests' posted here in due course. Stay tuned!

1 comment:

  1. Looks interesting, and I'll say that MIG weathering pigments are no longer available from Howes as I tried to buy some from them. So having tried the "monkey" and failed I tried the "organ grinder" instead and bought them direct from MIG Productions in Spain.