Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Signs of the (old) times

On one of my usual weekend rambles around the local countryside, I came across this interesting weight restriction sign guarding a bridge over the Macclesfield canal. Signed by the Great Central Railway, it alludes to the fact that said bridge is ‘INSUFFICIENT TO CARRY A HEAVY MOTOR CAR’ with an axle weight of three tons (or if the combined axle weight equates to five tons). That would certainly be a heavy motor car! Considering this is a pre-1930s sign, I wonder if the GCR had the same worries about drivers of oversized ‘Cheshire Tractors’ (lifestyle 4x4s) as we do today?!
It’s also interesting that the Great Central Railway had control over this canal which, incidentally, runs parallel to the former GCR Macclesfield to Rose Hill (Marple) line.


  1. The other way to look on this was that the GCR were 'forward thinking' and as everything else in 1930's Britain got bigger and better, why not the car too? Probably wasn't too cheap to cast all those signs and you can never be too safe(!) Was the walk today to clear the mind after the footy last night??

  2. Best not to mention the footy... Let's just say that I've written this season off. But then, I think the L'pool players have given up as well!


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