Monday, 19 April 2010

Filming a new modelling DVD

Model Rail's limited edition ViTrains '47 47501 Craftsman with all the fiddly bits fitted

Had a very busy week filming the upcoming Model Rail DVD title at Dent Towers, with lots of preperation work required before the camera rolls. Not least in making enough space in my pit of a workshop to accomodate all the equipment and cameraman (the ever-capable Phil from Telerail)!

Following the success of my two loco detailing books (see panel right), it seemed a good idea to cover the subject in film format, showing some of the skills and techniques useful for improving and customising OO gauge RTR locomotives. I've put a lot of effort into ensuring that there is lots of 'new' material, keeping the books and DVD projects as standalone products. Besides, to film all the projects (or similar) in the two books would make for a VERY long programme!

MAking use of some exciting new detailing components that have just recently been released, the DVD should prove both useful and entertaining, containing as it will plenty of prototype footage from Telerail's excellent archive.

We're starting at the very beginnings, including how to successfully add all those fiddly little bits and pieces that come supplied with many new RTR models and the ViTrains Class 47 seemed a good model to start with. We've also covered some minor titivations to my 'Scot' 46120, including new nameplates and Thames-Clyde Express headboard. The aim is to build confidence in our abilities and maybe push ourselves to go that little bit further...

The next step from adding the supplied components: sourcing and fitting lamps, footplate crew, headboard, etched nameplates, real coal, fire irons, etc.

With more filiming coming up later this week, I'm cramming in some prep work on some more models, showing various techniques that I shall not divulge just yet. Look out for progress on this DVD programme via Model Rail and here on my blog. Hopefully, it should be ready for a late summer/autumn release...

How Micro can I go? Another mini layout project begins in my shed...
In between filming and compiling the next Model Rail Supertest (platform kits), I've begun a micro layout building project, encompasing a single baseboard (just under 4ft long) portraying little more than a countryside halt. In fact, I'm just off out to the shed to cut the wood for the board. More progress updates will follow...

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  1. I have found this dvd George great for the novice detailer in me. It is difficult to get the no odour super glues here. The weathering DVD I'm looking forward to but once again only Humbrol paints can be used.