Monday, 13 June 2011

DEMU 2011

The annual DEMU Showcase at Burton-upon-Trent proved to be another enjoyable show. This was the fourth year in a row that I've attended and, once again, it was well worth the effort to get there. Thanks to all the DEMU staff for making myself and Ben most welcome.

For the first time, I travelled to Burton by train and this proved to be just as enjoyable as the show itself. Three different trains in each direction, with all connections running like clockwork and a few 'firsts': namely, my first trip on the Derby-Stoke line; my first ride on a London Midland Class 350; and the first time that I've ever alighted at Kidsgrove, Tamworth and Derby stations! But what a disappointment Derby was - surely the worst station in Britain and that's AFTER they've just spent loads of money on it. It was interesting to see the Midland Rly memorial to those lost in the Boer War, that still stands on Platform 1. I wonder what the Midland top brass would make of the new Derby station? Why is there nowhere to sit? Only one or two tiny waiting rooms and a cafe offer any seating on the platforms; not much use when you've 40 minutes to kill...

Anyway, back to the DEMU show. I enjoyed the layouts, especially Battersby North End and it was nice to see Chris Leigh's Crescent Wagon Works layout, now in new hands, revamped for DCC and seemingly in fine fettle. All the other layouts were good too.

Dave at Ten Commandments generously gave me a few bufferstops for an upcoming Supertest, which just need painting and finishing. They look good and one of them even has a red LED pre-fitted!

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