Monday, 20 June 2011

Latest NCB fleet additions & new layout project

This Hornby mineral wagon sports a new Parkside chassis and wheels and has been weathered and rebranded whilst keeping the previous owner's details just visible: AAC Anthracite of Swansea - perfect for my South Wales-inspired Maudetown Colliery.

Quite a busy weekend has just passed, with some work on my Maudetown Colliery wagon fleet, the beginnings of a completely revamped 'depot' layout and a flying visit to Hazel Grove & District Model Railway Club's open day. And that was just the Saturday!

The 'depot' or 'shed' layout project has featured on here before, originally being based around the Peco turntable and a Scalescenes MPD building. It was virtually finished until an untimely fall from its trestles did some serious damage, compounded with other stuff (such as a lawnmower and a bicycle) falling onto it. The air was mighty blue in the Dent shed that day... Anyway, I was never 100% happy with it for a number of reasons, not least as it was built in a blind hurry so it could be displayed at Model Rail Live last September.

So, on Saturday, the board was stripped back to bare timber and the turntable has been replaced as a central feature by the Heljan traverser, which is a bit more in keeping with the modern theme. Progress reports will follow here in time, but I won't be rushing this one!

The depot baseboard, having been stripped back and a new backscene built from MDF. The circular turntable pit has been cut to a square to accommodate the Heljan traverser and the final track plan is still being revised. I'm tempted to add a small second baseboard to give more shunting options and maybe incorporate a wagon repair shop...

Meanwhile, more NCB-branded wagons have rolled off the production line, making use of a variety of kits, RTR and hybrids to add plenty of variety.

This pair are Parkside kits of the LNER loco coal wagon, but I've changed the axleboxes and buffers on one of them to avoid repetition. No two of my NCB wagons are branded in the same way, with lettering and numbers scattered around artfully!

This is a Hornby body on a scratch-built chassis (using MJT bits and pieces), with evidence of repair work on the side panels and some of the BR lettering still visible.

Another Hornby body/Parkside chassis combo. I think the planking on this looks too neat and uniform so I might revisit this and add some texture to the sides and more variety in the way of colour too...

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