Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Buxton Limes

My obsession for collecting modern freight rolling stock sees no signs of fading as I get older. the latest thing to catch my eye while browsing in a model shop was this Bachmann JGA aggregate hopper, adorned in the stylish Buxton Lime Industries livery. These things pass by the end of my street behind DB Schenker Class 66s so I quite fancied adding one to my collection. Besides, the freight scene around Buxton has always inspired me and is on my list of things 'To Model Before I Die'.

So, with a suitable weathered finish and an ultra-realistic wagon load of real limestone chippings - from the superb Geoscenics range - the finished model really looks the part. So much so that I've just popped back to SMTF to grab another handful of wagons! I have a mixed rake of BLI and RMC liveried vehicles in mind...

...but I need a layout to run them on!

The real thing: an ex-Buxton Lime Industries JGA at Dove Holes quarry, near Buxton in 2009.


  1. I do believe that the last picture is actually an ex cemex hopper. I used to go to school in Buxton, so I used to catch the train everday, and sometimes there'd be these or the Freightliner heavyhauls in the marshalling yard to the south of the station, and very very occasionally, a train of RMC liveried tank wagons. I even saw the royal class 67 on a BLI working once, that was rather special. Anyway, although I really like your weathering concering the lime dust etc, I feel that the text could be worn away quite alot; this was one of the things I noticed. A lovely job though, all the same.

  2. Yes, the last image is in fact an ex Cemex HOA wagon, the slope is much steeper and the cowling at the top is different. Feel free to delete this comment

  3. Hi Chad,
    Thanks for the comments. I've also since received an Email from Mark Saunders about this post, also pointing out my error in the prototype photo caption. Mark also mentioned that they're ex-Cemex HOAs and the many of the real things are now to be seen in plain white since being sold to VTG.


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