Monday, 4 June 2012


Prestwin pair rolls out

Following my builds of a number of ex-Airfix wagon kits (Esso tanks and Meat van), the latest of my kit stash to see the light of day is a pair of Prestwin cement hoppers. As I've said countless times before, building these elderly models is a real joy and the amount of detail contained in the mouldings is still highly impressive. Indeed, there has been little extra in the way of super-detailing - all I've added is some extra brake gear and a few refinements to the existing parts. New wheels and brass bearings are probably the biggest update, although the wheelsets that Dapol are now including with these kits are of a high enough quality for retention.

Not surprisingly, the most fun was had at the weathering stage, with the nature of the real things dictating plenty of 'cement' dust in the form of weathering powders. As for the markings, Cambridge Custom Transfers offer some great decals for these wagons and I opted for those carrying instructions relating to Hillhead Quarries, Buxton, in honour of one of my favourite towns.


  1. Hello,

    I was quite inspired by your Prestwins George tis some splendid work you done.
    I've ordered 10 of these kits to give them a go and add to my fleet. I've also bought some of the Presflos to give them a go too and a few Mineral wagon kits.

    Over the last week I've purchased 30 wagons and 4 of the Hornby Skaledale Cement Hoppers (with associated components), I think once all put together should build a small but interesting cement works scene. Should keep me busy for a while once the workbench is back in order and fill the corner of the layout. :)

    I have a Chacewater style idea in mind

    Cheers, Reece

  2. Here's my one so far, very good kit. Still not quite sure how these 'L' shape pipes go underneath though.

    Cheers, Reece

    1. Hi Reece,
      THe Prestwin is looking good. Can't remember where those extra pipes go, off the top of my head. It took me a while to get the bits in the right place when I built mine - I can remember spending a lot of time studying pics on Paul Bartlett's website, though - there are some great pix on there:

      I've actually started planning a small quarry-cum-cement works layout myself, using an old baseboard and the Noch segment turntable. I'll be posting some updates here in the coming weeks.


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