Friday, 22 June 2012


Bachmann 37 brings back happy childhood memories.

Keeping on the subject of English Electric Type 3 diesels, one of my latest motive power acquisitions is this Bachmann Class 37/4 37427 Bont y Bermo. Ben passed this to me a few weeks ago, convinced that I'd appreciate another BR-era '37' for my collection. And how chuffed I was when I got it home and posed it on my desktop diorama. 

Being from a modest background, I didn't get many holidays as a child, our first real trip of any distance being a week's holiday near Aberystwyth in the mid 1980s. Armed with my Rail Riders discount coupons and with a week off school, we ventured to rainy, autumnal Mid Wales via changes at Warrington, Crewe, Shrewsbury and Dovey Junction. The undoubted highlight was the Shrewsbury-Dovey Junction leg as it was aboard a rake of Mk1 compartment stock and powered by a pair of large logo Class 37s. I think I had my head out of the window virtually all the way!

Hitherto, the furthest I'd been on a train was to Prestatyn, which is no distance at all from Merseyside (hence why North Wales is full of Scousers!). But this felt like travelling to the far side of the moon. A single line through spectacular scenery, waiting in remote passing loops for other double-headed '37' services, is something that has lasted in my mind all these years later. It was a shame to have to alight for a DMU on to Aberystwyth, although travelling on a brand new Class 150 Sprinter was quite exciting at the time.

I won't be doing much to this model, aside from adding the supplied etched nameplates, bufferbeam detail and a few minor tweaks to the factory weathered finish. It's certainly got pride of place amongst my 'Tractors'...


  1. This also brings back memories for me.
    I used to see it a lot in Cardiff, I have got quite a few pics of it including some roof shots which was taken at Canton Depot

  2. It brings back a lot of memories for me too, George. We used to spend every summer holiday at my Grandmother's house further up the coast at Dyffryn Ardudwy, and the highlight of the week was always watching the Saturday only doubled headed 37's on their run to Pwllheli and back. The train used to have pull up twice in the station because there was only room for half of the carriages in the platform. Hard to credit now when you see nothing longer than a 2 car 158 on the coast line. Happy days!

  3. Hi, Glad this post brought back happy memories for you guys too. I can also remember the train having to move up each platform so people get off at the smaller stations. Those were the days when you could trust the common sense of the general public without treating them like dumb cattle!
    I forgot to mention in the post that 37427 was one of the locos hauling our train on the way to Aber, I'm not sure, but I think it was coupled with 37429 Sir Dyfed/County of Dyfed. The Sprinter on the way back wasn't half so much fun!