Monday, 23 July 2012


Monday morning in the Dent Workshop

First day back at work after a week's holiday on the North York Moors Railway and I'm wishing I was still pottering about Levisham station, in the silence and fresh air, waiting to hear a steam whistle in the distance. With my dog snoozing lazily under a platform bench and the only sound being the rustling of trees, birds singing and the crickets in the long grass.

But, alas, I'm back in my little shed trying to sort through emails and arrange the next few weeks of work. The next issue of Model Rail goes to press on Thursday too, so things are a bit busy. While I'm not one to moan, I'm glad that I've got a job that I look forward to starting every day, but I do wish my workshop was located somewhere a bit more exciting. Lineside on the NYMR, for instance. Or up near Dent station... But how about this shed (above), mounted on a loco tender chassis and sitting in Grosmont MPD. Now that would be a great place to work. They could shunt me about for a change of scenery!

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