Sunday, 8 February 2015


Pair of Class 20s caught amidst the snow

There's still quite a bit of the white stuff around these parts, although it didn't stop us from hopping over to Buxton for lunch on Saturday. On the way back, I glimpsed an unusual freight train on the viaduct at Chapel Milton and, to my surprise, it was being hauled by a gleaming pair of Class 20s (20189 & 20205). A quick turn off the road up to Chinley East junction and I was in time to see them move off onto the Hope Valley line following the passing of the Cleethorpes express.

The sound of a pair of 20s, especially out in the peaceful countryside, is hard to beat and took me back to my youth, chasing 20s on my bike, alongside the Sankey canal as they headed for Fiddler's Ferry power station. The empty PNA wagons had come from somewhere in the Buxton area but what the exact nature of this working was, I'm not sure. Anyway, here's a nice pic of my dog playing in the snow - ain't she lovely...?!


  1. Missed that working! Although I did see a couple of 37s topping and tailing some yellow coaches in Buxton a few weeks back, heading to Hindlow. No camera and no time to chase them unfortunetely.

    Yes, your dog is lovely! My two Spaniels love snow.

  2. Nice dog. Still think Woodhead was the best Manchester Sheffield route!

    1. Ah, but I'm not old enough to remember the Woodhead route when it was in use - I hadn't started school when it closed! I prefer the landscape on the Hope Valley route but, you're right, the trains and infrastructure of the Woodhead line probably comes out on top...


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