Monday, 8 June 2015


Long break from modelling activity - but for good reason!

Gosh, it seems like a long time since I last reported any goings on. In reality, though, it's only been about 6 weeks, but I've been very busy in that time. With more editorial duties and responsibilities, the practical side of my job has reduced anyway, although the fact that we moved house last month has had a greater impact, as I've been without a workshop. There's still a way to go before the work area is ready for use, but my fingers are getting very twitchy and are aching to get away from a computer keyboard for a while. Oh, how I've missed getting covered in paint, glue and model filler!

Much of May was spent in the production of our latest Model Rail Workbench bookazine, The Definitive Guide to Painting, which is on sale now from WH Smiths, model shops or direct by calling Responsibility on +44 (0)1733 840111. There's over 110 pages of essential info on everything from paints, brushes, primers, airbrushes, masking, weathering, figure painting, lining, decals, tools, equipment and much more - all at an absolute bargain price of £4.99!


  1. I have your book on airbrushing. I'd like to get hold of this "bookazine" too... any idea if/when/where it will be available to buy online? I live in Sweden, so heading down to my local WH Smiths is not an option :-)

    1. Hi Colin,
      You can order a copy online now via Kernow Model Rail Centre:

  2. Hi George! First of all, well done on this latest release, its AWESOME! So much content, and ideal for me whos wanting to get into airbrushing! Now for a question? Ive come across an airbrush from a friend, but i dont if its any good and worth bothering with? Its a Devilbiss Sprite airbrush, distributed by Magic Marker if that means owt to u :) but its just the gun and nozzles, no hoses or compressor? So is it worth finding some equipment to go with it, or scrap it and just buy a whole n set? Any help would b great, cheers :)

    1. Hi Matthew,
      Haven't seen a Devilbiss Sprite for years - Never tried one myself, but have heard that they're OK. DeVilbiss are a quality brand, so it should be well made. THe usual issue of old tools is whether they've been looked after properly, but you'll soon find out!
      It's probably worth getting a hose and compressor and giving it a go. If it's no good, you'll be able to use the air supply and hose with any other airbrush, although a cheap adaptor may be needed to match the hose to a different airbrush.
      Good luck!

  3. I can only add to the great comments on this latest release. I had a quick look through it in smiths and it is a great addition to my collection of modelling books, which includes a couple of sighted ones by your good self.