Monday, 2 November 2015


Steam special through the Hope Valley.

What a gorgeous day it was yesterday - sunny and incredibly warm for the first day of November. And what better way to spend a Sunday than hiking up into the hills. But, it got even better when a pair of Black Fives could be heard tooting their hooters through the valley before emerging around the corner. They had a fair head of speed up as they climbed the gradient up to Cowburn Tunnel and I managed to grab a shot just in time. My heart was in my mouth, though, as a Northern Rail Sprinter pootled past in the other line only seconds before...

The Tin Bath Special was running a circular from Preston to Sheffield, out via the Hope Valley and returning via Penistone and Huddersfield. Sounded like an interesting route but, in truth, I was glad I was out in the fresh air!

1 comment:

  1. Yes it was a good day to see the rail tour, as the weather hasn't always been so good when it runs. Unlike you I didn't have to go very far though, just to the bottom of my garden to watch it go by.


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