Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Rapid-build Colliery Layout

My mini layout set around a fictitious colliery (appearing in Model Rail issue 136) has generated a few queries from readers, including some comments about the track being too clean and tidy! This is true: it should be covered in coal spillage and, indeed, it will be once the points have been motorised and the glitches in the wiring have been cured. You'd think it would have been plain sailing with such a basic trackplan but 'haste makes waste' as my cabinet-making tutor used to say.

With the magazine feature 'in the can' I can take my time and sort out the few problems and get everything up to scratch. I'm also planning a small extension on the colliery side, with the rest of the washery/loading building, plus a short run-round loop. I've yet to finish the fiddle yard as well, but that should keep me busy in my spare time over winter. Although, I have a dining room to re-plaster and some radiators to replace... spare time, what's that??? 

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