Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Having been deluged with nearly a foot of snow over the past five days, Dent Towers is rapidly disappearing into the white landscape and making the journey to my shed-cum-workshop is getting more and more difficult. I’m at risk of losing my white cat out there, too...

Above are a couple of photos of the scene from (almost) our front door on Sunday, as me and Mrs D braved the elements to make a lunch date across a few fields – well, about 5 miles of fields. I must say that it was a bit tricky coming back in the dark.

All this has got me in the mood to get on with my Settle-Carlisle layout, recreating Dent station in the snow. Ben called me the other day asking what my New Year resolution was for 2010 (for Model Rail’s biogs page) and, while I said something about trying to sort my shed into some semblance of order, what I should’ve said was to make some progress on Dent – not least as I haven’t touched it since October 2008.

Maybe Mrs D will give me leave to spend a few hours of the holidays 'on shed' and at least get some of the scenery formed behind the ‘Up’ platform. Once that’s done, Monkey Beck will follow before the bleak moorland scenery can be applied.

Who knows... if the snow continues, maybe I’ll be snowed-in by then?

Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS to one and all!

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