Friday, 23 April 2010

Another busy week!

The latest Model Rail Supertest has just been completed, this time looking at platform systems. Look out for it in MR144

The end of another hectic week with further DVD filming, two layouts under construction, the latest Supertest completed, a handful of loco detailing projects underway, plus a couple of product review/trials also finished. Here are some sneak previews of what's coming up in Model Rail over the next few months...
Anyway, I'm looking forward to putting my feet up this weekend... although I might end up doing a bit more on my layouts!
My wee N gauge layout is taking shape: baseboard built, track laid. Scenery making about to begin...

These exquisite etched footsteps for Class37 are from PH Designs. Along with a wealth of other new components, they will feature in Model Rail in the coming months...

Filming for the next Model Rail DVD is also progressing well, with a DRS Class 20 conversion being included. There's a danger that we might have too much material and some may have to be trimmed to fit!

This week has felt like I've been drowning under the weight of various projects, all on the go at the same time. Indeed, my desk is getting a bit congested! Under the knife at the moment are: 4xClass20s, DRS Cl47, 2xCl66, 2xCl37, Cl25, a 'Scot', a 'Patriot' and a S&D 7F.

My latest 'OO' layout project is also taking shape out in the shed, with the boards complete and track laying about to begin.

The small fiddle yard board is also built and ready for the track laying stage...

Portraying a small fictitious terminus, this is about the length of train that will be accomodated. The idea has been inspired by the Derwent Valley Light Railway that used to run from York via Murton and Dunnington.


  1. Looks I'll be attempting a DVLR micro having bought an Alphagraphix station kit.....!

    1. Hi Duncan,
      Good luck with the micro layout. Let us know how you get on.