Thursday, 27 May 2010

Sunshine and Rail Grinders

This 2-unit Rail Grinder was stabled at Peterborough Stn on Tuesday

This week started well with the builders having a few days off (peace, perfect peace!) and the sunny weather making it a joy to work al fresco under a patio umbrella. Although, with said umbrella only being modest in size, it meant having to keep moving the table and chair around to keep out of the sun (being a fair skinned fello).

Projects in hand have included my little dabble with 'N' gauge, as seen below under Maude's watchful gaze and a handful of continuing loco detailing projects for the next Model Rail DVD. We had thought that we'd filmed enough already but, having viewed the rough edit last week, there are a few gaps that need filling in, so I've more Blue Peter-style preperation work to do. You know, 'here's one I prepared earlier'... that sort of thing.

A brief jaunt to MR's HQ in Peterboro' on Tuesday saw me complete and submit another Supertest (for MR146), this one being a 'biggee' - on glues. I'm also just putting the final touches to a piece about working with resin kits, which I hope will be useful. The jolly down the ECML was enhanced by the sight of no less than 4 Class 20s: a pair of HNRC triple-grey machines at Doncaster and a BR green and blue duo at GBRF's Peterboro' yard. Throw in over a dozen interesting freight movements and a HST each way between 'Donny' and 'Peeboro' (I chose my connections carefully!), meant that I got my fill of diesel action!

Although I didn't get a chance to photo any of the above, I did end up getting to P'boro Stn a bit early so snapped an interesting 2-unit Rail Grinder. I'd seen this at Doncaster a couple of weeks before and thought it looked interesting. It would certainly make a nice model.

Maude takes a deep interest in my developing mini 'N' gauge layout as we work in the shade on a sunny Monday afternoon. More pics of this layout will follow soon - it's very nearly finished.

Just a little media tittle tattle to end on. Mrs D was approached to appear on Mikey Portillo's new series on British Railway Journeys (or whatever it's called) currently being filmed. Being an internationally recognised expert on Victorian cemeteries (what a subject!), they asked her to talk about the famous Necropolis Railway. Anyway, she couldn't be sure of getting to London on the allotted day (TV crews don't wait for anyone) so it looks like they'll get someone else instead.
Their loss, I'd say...!


  1. Hi George, do you know Pete harvey is producing a mixed media kit in OO for the Harsco Switch & Crossing Grinder?

  2. I do indeed! We ran a story about it in Model Rail issue 181 (the one that's still on sale now), complete with a tantalising image! It looks to be an exciting kit and I can't wait to see a finished model.