Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Devon, Tintern, Peco and Mk2s

I think I’ll start lobbying Bauer to relocate Model Rail’s office to a sunny seaside location, such as Beer in Devon where Peco are based...

Feeling refreshed after a 10-day break in sunny Devon with the Dent Collective. Dare I mention it, but first stop was actually Peco headquarters in Beer on the south Devon coast! Pecorama’s always a fun day out and I took the opportunity to stock up on track, kits and other odds ‘n’ ends in the Peco shop before going for a paddle in the sea. At least the beach is a pleasant place to browse the latest copy of Peco’s RM mag... something that Model Rail’s Peterborough HQ can’t compete with!!!!

Amongst my purchases were a few N gauge kits for my mini N project, plus a few bargain 'OO' Hornby HBA MGR hoppers (at a 'tenner' each, they were a bargain). I also treated myself to a Peco ‘Wonderful Wagon’ kit, more out of curiosity than necessity – I’ve always wanted a go at building one of these but have never got around to it. Well, I should re-phrase that... I did buy one some years ago and made a start on it, but never finished it and the half-built wagon got lost somewhere when we moved from York.

I’d been keen on the idea of these since finding one in the National Railway Museum collection – it was on display in the Warehouse section, but I don’t know if it’s still there... When I worked there, I was surprised by the amount and diversity of models in the NRM collection: everything from a Lima ‘33’ to a Triang ‘Co-Bo’ (the majority of which were hidden away in store) and the Peco wagon kit was arranged to show its innovative method of construction, with working plastic leaf springs, and so on. Anyway, I’ve now got a 'wonderful' milk tank kit to build at some point in the future, purely for fun!

A coffee break at Tintern station on the way home revealed that the erstwhile and rather decrepit Mk1 BG and GWR carriage have made way for a smart pair of MK2 ‘air cons’ in GWR-esque colours.

This GWR mess van would make a great model to run in a breakdown train. It’s been on my ‘to do’ list for years! A conversion of a Parkside Dundas kit, this shouldn't be too tricky a prospect...

Tintern, on the former Chepstow-Monmouth line is a beautiful spot, on the banks of the Wye on the Welsh border. Well worth a trip for the cakes in the station cafe alone...

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