Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Latest issue of MLI offers plenty of inspiration

Having picked up a copy of the latest issue of Modern Locomotives Illustrated (MLI), I've unpacked my Dapol NBL Type 2/Class 22 and have started planning what I want to do to it. It's a year since this model came my way and a few ideas have come and gone without truly sparking my imagination. The situation wasn't helped by the relative sparsity of detailed info and decent colour images in any books or magazines. However, the latest MLI changes that as it contains a wealth of material for the modeller.

The Dapol model is certainly impressive and, being a small Bo-Bo diesel fan, is right up my street. After a few evenings curled up in front of the fire with MLI, I should have settled on a prototype (not a simple matter as there were so many variations) and will be able to set about detailing and weathering this splendid little fella. 

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