Sunday, 3 February 2013


Comet tender kit under construction

Taking shape is this etched brass tender kit of an LMS Fowler tender, destined to be connected to a Hornby 8F. I must have bought this kit about 6 years ago but have only just made a start on it. It has been worth the wait, as it's a pleasure to build and I've been refreshing my 'sweating' skills - lots of aspects of the bodywork require tinning of the parts and careful clamping as they're sweated together. Indeed, I've been trying out a technique that Dave Lowery described to me a while back - using a mini blowtorch to apply the heat. It certainly speeds up the job, although it took me a couple of efforts to get it right.

The frames are next, then the smaller details can be added and the whole thing will be ready for a scrub and a coat of primer. I've a few other brass bits and bobs on the go at the moment, so my soldering iron should be seeing a lot of action in the coming weeks. That reminds me, I think I need to order some more 70degree solder....

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