Thursday, 7 February 2013


BR1F tender kit under construction

While the LMS Fowler tender project awaits a coat of primer, the past few evenings have seen another metal tender kit assembled; in this case a BR1F unit. The body is a kit from Alexander Models, designed primarily for fitting to a Hornby 9F chassis, but I've coupled it to a Comet underframe kit. As neither package was intended for fitting to the other, it has taken a bit of work to marry the two together satisfactorily. However, the major assembly work is now out of the way and, once the inside of the coal bunker has been fitted, I can start adding the smaller details.

I've a few more disparate loco and tender projects on the go at the moment, including a Jubilee 4-6-0, a J72 0-6-0T and a Cambrian 0-4-2T. After so many diesel subjects in the past few years, it's a welcome change to be tackling so many steamy kits!

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  1. Hi George,
    I have a question for you (if I may!!). How did you fit the windscreen wipers on your Vitrains class 37 projects?? I love the detailing pack you get with these models, but the windscreen wipers have stumped me!! Did you replace yours??
    Any help appreciated - thanks
    Keep up the great work!