Tuesday, 2 April 2013


OO Works 0-6-0 joins the upgrade queue.

This interesting loco has been passed my way for a facelift and mechanical repairs and, after running my eye over the bodyshell, I've earmarked a few areas for improvement. Having drawn up a rough list, I'll be sourcing the necessary spare parts. Of particular concern is the tender chassis where the spring and axlebox detail is disappointing and the model's owner has suggested replacing it, rather than grinding off the existing detail. Being essentially a ready-made metal kit, modifications are not as straightforward as when working on a plastic RTR model. Indeed, simply removing the smokebox numberplate will require some careful work with a milling bit and files (it shouldn't be there on this Southern Railway-era version).

I'm looking forward to seeing how this model will look after the detailing and weathering job. Although it looks quite nice as it is, the flat black finish is a bit lifeless and there's a lack of delicate surface relief. It'll certainly make a change from working on Hornby or Bachmann choo-choos!

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