Thursday, 27 September 2012


Another brilliant show at Barrow Hill

BR 'Britannia' Oliver Cromwell basks in the light drizzle. Behind is the unique 89001 and  82008.

Last weekend saw the annual exhibition of real and model trains at the Barrow Hill Roundhouse museum, near Chesterfield. Although the Sunday was a bit grey and damp, the Saturday saw glorious sunshine, apparently (I was in Devon until the early hours of Sunday morning!). The show seemed very busy and everybody looked to be having a good time, with plenty of locomotives and some excellent layouts on show.

Highlights for me included operating Chris Leigh's O gauge Railway Children-themed layout for much of Sunday, as well as the sight of so many gleaming Class 20s in a variety of new and old liveries. Look out for more reflections in the November issue of Model Rail magazine...
Resplendent in the new house colours of HNRC, 20313 and  314 are an eye-catching sight.

EMT's shuttle services between Chesterfield and Barrow Hill were performed by 156414 on the Sunday.

A flashback to my youth: a pair of Railfreight 20s, complete with workstained appearance on 20118.

The subject of MR's next exclusive RTR loco - the USA/SR 0-6-0T

Another gleaming 20 - this time in the form of GBRf's 20901. The paint was still wet when it was shunted onto the turntable on Friday night!

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Model Rail's new contributor gets off to an impressive start.

With copies of Model Rail issue 174 on sale this week, I've already heard a few positive comments concerning Spencer Pollard's feature on wagon weathering techniques. His unique approach has certainly raised many eyebrows and we're glad to have Spencer on board as a regular contributor to the Workbench pages. I built these two Parkside O gauge kits earlier in the year and, when Spencer mentioned some of his ideas, they seemed perfect fodder for his attentions - especially the 16t mineral. His attention to detail has really raised the bar as far as wagon weathering is concerned and these two vehicles now make my other stock look a bit boring!

As for SP's work for issue 175, I've just finished photographing the finished model and it looks great. Look out for a preview soon.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Geen GWR Gas Tank Gets Going...

Having obtained this delightful whitemetal kit about 4 or 5 years ago, I've finally got around to start building it. It's a OO gauge kit from the David Geen range and represents a GWR wagon designed to carry and store carriage lighting gas to wayside stations, where coaching stock could be replenished. My knowledge of these is pretty limited, however the supplied paperwork include plenty of prototype information (more than there are assembly instructions!), including b&w images. Which is just as well as these things boasted much in the way of variety and in-service modifications.

The main metal components have now been assembled, with the chassis framing proving a little tricky to get square and true (I had to build a wooden jig). Real wood veneer is provided for the decking, but that will wait until after the painting stage. At this early stage, it's already looking purposeful and, being whitemetal, it's pretty hefty. All in all, it's a jolly nice kit!