Tuesday, 29 May 2018


Typical modern station under construction.

My recycled diorama is quickly taking shape, with the scenery and station platform fully installed. All the 21st Century accoutrements are in place, including security fencing, CCTV, lamps and car park. Most of the vehicles are bit on the 'vintage' side (1970s/80s) but an array of 2000s-era cars are currently on order. The next tasks include the creation of modern signage and scratch-building of a typical glass and steel waiting shelter. 

Already, it's hard to imagine that this baseboard once sported a five-road loco shed. Indeed, the tracks are still there, buried under the new scenery! 

Thursday, 24 May 2018


MPD scene makes way for something different.
A depot no more... this loco shed has now been flattened to make way for a new station.

Built a few years back for a magazine feature on modern loco depots, this working diorama was only meant to be temporary. Built from MDF, the boards have suffered the effects of being stored in a damp garage during two extremely cold and wet winters. While I've resolved to build a more resilient copy at some point in the future - as a proper layout - the buildings and detailed have been salvaged for re-use and the boards were about to head to the local recycling centre.

At the last minute however, they were reprieved when it became apparent that I'd have to build a diorama for an upcoming feature in Model Rail magazine. Thus, a strip of MDF was screwed roughly over the depot trackwork to form the new trackbed. Blocks of salvaged polystyrene packaging foam and left-over builders' plaster add further to the recycled nature and I'm almost ready to start adding the scenic elements.

As can be glimpsed in the image below, the diorama is to be based around a small station.... but more will be revealed in due course.

Monday, 21 May 2018


Easy coal storage for colliery layout.

Further to my last post, my 4mm scale scratch-built coal bunker is now complete and installed in the yard of Maudetown Colliery. Crafted from various sections of Maquett plastic strip, sheet and section, it proved a very quick and satisfying project. Although, when I say quick, I mean that it took very little modelling time, spread over a week or two - probably about 3hours in total, including painting and weathering, fitted in-between a host of other jobs. 

The Maquett 'H'. 'T' and 'C'-shape sections are particularly useful and, once painted, closely resemble slotted, pre-cast concrete posts. Real coal chippings add the final touch.

Check out a demonstration of how this model was created in the next issue of Model Rail magazine (MR249), on sale June 7th.