After working on a Bachmann 'OO' gauge TTA, I came across these images of a few 'N' gauge versions that I weathered a few months ago, for my latest book project. Creating fine streaking effects is a real test of an airbrush’s abilities in such a small scale, but I found it all rather good fun.

I’ve been assembling a collection of 'N' gauge stock for my little 2mm scale layout that’s about half finished. The idea is to have two separate scenic sections that portray an industrial townscape and rural setting, more as a way of using up a wide selection of scenic items that have come my way than anything else. It just needs the two fiddle yards building and the track wiring up – a job that’s being saved for summer.

The fine nozzle of this Iwata HP-CH airbrush allows ultra fine, close up work on these Farish TTAs.

An EWS Class 66 would be more suitable for hauling this rake of TTAs, but the Farish 57 is a lovely little model, enhanced considerably with a little weathering.


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