Inspired by Chris Leigh’s article in the current issue of Model Rail, I thought I’d have a go at recreating an ex-LMS Camping Coach. Chris passed me a picture of a suitable prototype subject, although in an unknown location. Judging by the style and materials of the surrounding buildings, it looks like a South Western location, but I’m not sure. We couldn’t make out the coach’s number either.

But, none of that bothered me one jot, as I simply wanted a rather careworn green and cream carriage to sit in an overgrown siding. The prototype photo shows the coach in a faded and neglected state; indeed, it carries ‘condemned’ chalking on the side. But I wanted a coach that was still habitable, so the weathering was a bit more restrained, concentrating on giving the wheels and underframe a fairly rusty look (not having moved for a while) and lots of rain and weather staining to the roof and ends. Prototypically, the gangways were also removed and blanked off.

The donor coach was a Bachmann LMS composite and I just need to detail the interior and build my mini holiday diorama. Maybe this will be a job best saved for winter when I can be dreaming of warmer days by the seaside?!

Many Camping Coaches had their vacuum brakes removed so any movements around the network would need a brake van on the end. Fox supply appropriate ‘NO BRAKES’ legends for the solebars.

I picked a number at random from those on the Fox Transfers sheet as I couldn’t make out the prototype’s identity. Some research would no doubt have turned up a probable candidate but, hey, I just didn’t care in this instance.

The plated-over gangways are a key feature of many camping coach conversions.

Decal setting solutions help the transfers cling to the glossy coach paintwork.


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