Airfix/Dapol hybrid ready for painting

Back in 2012 I wrote about how I'd dug out and built an old Airfix meat van kit, that was older than me, but still produced an excellent model - albeit with a few extra details added. Well, for an upcoming article in Model Rail mag, I've revisited the meat van subject, working up an illustrated demo of how to get the best out of the kit that's still available under the Dapol brand. As the bright red chassis signifies, I've used a spare Airfix underframe in the demo, primarily as the red plastic shows up better in photographs than the light grey that Dapol employ. 

Compensation units have been added to give the wagon a working suspension (of sorts) and a few other etched bits and bobs have been fitted to enhance the model further. Look out for the demo in Model Rail issue 195 (out 10 April). I had great fun building this wagon on Friday evening and now have a rake of five of these attractive vans, plus one other kit to finish off. Almost enough for a 'meat pie special'...?!


  1. It's so easy to discard old models instead of looking to refurbish or upgrade them and do some innovative or just commonsense modelling. More power to your elbow, George. Work like this revitalises our skills and keeps the smaller suppliers going.

  2. Just read the full article and a great piece of modelling. You could run a few of these behind a Duchess in 1964 condition as the Carlisle- Broad St perishables- but that might mean disfiguring the Duchess with a yellow stripe...


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