Another unusual diesel class replicated in 4mm.

Heljan has earned a reputation for choosing a number of less-than-mainstream British locomotive classes, such as the Beyer-Garratt, 'Lion', 'Falcon' and Classes 15, 16 and 17. Now, however, the Danes have moved onto smaller fry, with a lovely rendition of the once-numerous Hunslet Class 05 diesel-mechanical 0-6-0. Equipped with the ever-reliable Gardner 8-cylinder engine, the transmissions proved a tad temperamental but it was the dramatic downturn in general goods traffic in the 1960s that put paid to their BR careers, with a number going on to work in industry over the following few decades.

Heljan's 'OO' gauge model is a real winner and this BR blue example is destined for work on my Maudetown Colliery layout, once it's had a coat of NCB blue paint. Performance is tip-top and there's a variety of livery and detail options to choose from across the range. 

You can read my full review of the model in the latest issue of Model Rail magazine (MR213) that is on sale now. One addendum that I should add, though... My review states that only the cab end lamps are illuminated, but in actual fact the nose end lamps should work too. It seems that my sample must have been faulty! 


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