Lovely brass kit taking shape.

Been spending my evenings shivering out in the shed (must order that heater!), soldering up a splendid MJT etched brass kit of an LNER full brake. The sides have been laminated in order to get the raised panels and, with both layers needing profiling, it has been a pleasant challenge. Once I'd worked out the best way of holding everything in place while the solder bonds were made, progress was pretty swift, with the body shell sorted in one sitting. The next evening, the underframe bits (whitemetal castings mostly) were installed, along with the bowed end overlays. 

What started out as lots of wobbly, thin bits of sheet metal, is now a very robust construction. Got the roof to sort next, followed by the bogies. For the latter, I've got some of MJT's compensated units, so it's going to be quite a deluxe affair! But, then I'm going to paint it in a really shabby coat of BR blue...


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