Etched kit assembled and awaiting a bodyshell.

This etched nickel silver carriage underframe kit is from the Palatine Models range and was a joy to assemble. Representing a typical LMS 57ft chassis, it can be employed under a wide range of coaching stock and a choice of riveted or welded frames offers further options. Half-etched locating guides are provided on the carriage floor, so there are no excuses for soldering the wrong bits in the wrong place and all the parts fit together supremely well - hardly any fettling was required and, as a result, assembly progressed quickly and smoothly.

Having installed a set of MJT whitemetal bogies, the chassis has been thoroughly cleaned and tested before the resin battery boxes and brake cylinders are fitted. I'm going to fit a superdetailed Dapol compartment brake bodyshell onto this chassis, eventually...    


  1. Hi George,

    Thanks for the blog posts covering the Palatine underframes - I have just ordered one to experiment with. I notice you used a resin battery box. Could you tell me where this was sourced from please? I'm aware of a couple of sources of whitemetal ones, but not seen resin ones so would be interesting in comparing...


    1. Hi Pete,
      The Palatine kit came supplied with a pair of battery boxes and vacuum brake cylinders. They're really nice castings.
      Enjoy building the kit!


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