'N' gauge tanks wagons get the weathering treatment.

With the next issue of Model Rail magazine due out next week (9 Feb), here's a sneak preview of a pair of modern tank wagons that appear in the Workbench pages. Using the supremely realistic 'N' gauge models from Revolution Trains (manufactured on their behalf by Rapido), a number of layers of weathering have been built up, using a variety of oil paints and dry pigments, avoiding the use of an airbrush altogether.

While the lack of an airbrush was a self-imposed constraint, I'd have liked to finesse a couple of aspects of the finish, especially the stains from the filling hatches. But, other than this, I feel that the exercise has been successful. The VTG tank in particular has benefitted from a slightly different approach, receiving washes of various blue shades, in order to add some tonal variety.

The whole process will be demonstrated in full in Model Rail issue 232. Don't miss it!!


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