After 6 months, Deutz Magirus truck is finally complete!

Having felt like a break from trains, I've been spending the winter evenings building a few road vehicle kits. Started way back in December, this wonderful 1:35 scale ICM kit is the first to be completed. Based on a late 1940s Deutz Magirus truck, the kit has been customised with scratch-built engine detail and hand-scribed wood grain texture on the rear bodywork.

The latter modification was the most time-consuming (and mind-numbing), with the work spread over several evenings. Once painted and weathered (with Lifecolor's Weathered Wood set of acrylic paints and AK Interactive enamel washes), all that hard work paid off, with a much more faithful rendition of bare timber.

This was a fantastic kit and a joy to assemble. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I ordered another, which will be built with a few alterations to the bonnet and cargo area...


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