Styrene system makes job easy.

As my last blog post mentioned, I've been experimenting with various elements of the Maquett range of plastic sheet and section. After building a simple mesh security fence, I decided to tackle something a little different, inspired by some of the images in the Maquett catalogue. Accordingly, a typical three-berth coal bunker forms the subject of this model, erected from various 'H'. 'C' and 'T' section uprights and individual styrene strip 'planks', all sited on a 1mm thick styrene sheet base. 

Having cut all of the necessary parts to size, the whole thing slotted together quickly and easily, taking up an enjoyable hour or so. Once the poly cement has cured, it'll be ready for priming and painting.

As with other similar brands of styrene sheet and section, the possibilities are endless in terms of what can be created. Indeed, building this bunker has inspired me to start on a modern station waiting shelter, plus a few other building projects. After a recent hiatus in terms of practical modelling - as blog readers may have noticed - these short exercises have given be a welcome boost of inspiration. You'll be able to see more of this bunker and the Maquett range in issue 249 of Model Rail magazine, on sale 7 June.

... with thanks to Albion Hobbies for supplying the various Maquett samples.


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