I've been messing around with one of my mini layouts, trying to de-bug some minor, but irritating, electrical issues. For such a simple track plan, this layout has its fair share of gremlins. The main problem is the fact that it was originally built as a static diorama, then converted to a working analogue-controlled layout, before being altered again to DCC control. The digital experiment was short-lived, however, and a reversion to 12V DC followed. A few accidents in storage over the years - plus a very severe winter in which the layout suffered in the garage - have all combined to make operation something of a frustrating experience. 

Making countless tweaks and repairs is seldom fun, meaning that the layout seldom 'comes out to play'. I'm seriously considering re-laying the track completely, making use of the more appropriate Peco bullhead track and points that have appeared subsequently. But will I ever get the time...?


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