Arrival of iconic intermodal wagons.

For anyone with an interest in British Rail operations from the late-1960s, up to privatisation, these new 'OO' gauge intermodel wagons from Bachmann will be a welcome sight. Hitherto unavailable in ready-to-run form, apart from the prehistoric Hornby/Tri-ang models from the 1970s, they fill a large gap in the BR wagon market.

Offered in twin-packs and individually, Bachmann has produced the FGA 'outer' wagons, with buffers at one end, as well as the FFA 'inners' without buffers - the prototypes ran in semi-fixed clusters of four or five wagons. A choice of early-BR style grey and red Freightliner branded 20ft and 30ft boxes, or post-1980 shipping company-branded boxes is provided, covering the wagons' whole BR careers. A good number lasted well into the post-BR era too.

Look out for a full review of these excellent wagons in issue 255 of Model Rail magazine, on sale November 22nd.


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