The environment and climate change has been on most people's minds recently and, as modellers, there are times when real life does impose itself into our fantasy worlds. As heavy consumers of plastics, paints, glues and other non-environmentally friendly materials, there are ways in which we can reduce our impact on the planet. One of the biggest ways, is to re-use as much of this material as possible and limit the amount of waste that goes into the rubbish. This also has the benefit of saving us money, which can be put towards more of the things we enjoy.

With this in mind, we've tailored the latest 'green' issue of Model Rail magazine (MR271 - on sale this week) to include a wide range of features related to restoring and recycling models and materials, as well as ideas for saving money, including Paul Lunn's plan for a complete layout that you can build for under £100.  Chris Leigh also discusses options for disposing of unwanted collections and I've been busy creating loads of scrap metal for my wagons using reclaimed materials (as seen on previous blog posts).

With two excellent layouts to enjoy, plus all the latest news and product reviews (including the wonderful Dapol 'O' gauge Sentinel), there's plenty to enjoy in this new issue of Britain's best value modelling magazine. Look out for the green masthead on newsagents shelves this week!


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