It might have taken well over two years, but I've finally finished my 1:24 scale Mercedes Benz Unimog snowplough. Funnily enough, I added the finishing touches while snowed-in at home a few weeks ago, when I could have done with a 1:1 scale version. 
As mentioned in previous posts, this has been a challenging project, as the Revell kit is great in many respects, but lacking in others. Having to fabricate the front and rear windscreens from clear plastic wasn't something I appreciated having to do, but it worked out ok in the end. I would've liked to put a bit more work into the weathering stage but sometimes you just have to make a few compromises in order to get the job finished. 
As a fun personal project that gently 'ticked over', with bursts of activity crammed in between many other jobs, it has been a rewarding exercise. This, and various other trucks that I've built over the past couple years, will appear in my next book, published by Crowood Press, which should be out later this year. Watch this space...



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