Impressive structure takes shape.

I was having so much fun building the Wills three-arch viaduct kit that I bought a few more and began extending the structure. Adding arches soon becomes addictive and I had to rein myself in. So far, this imposing single-track viaduct boasts five arches. However, a second parallel viaduct is also required, to carry a curved, diverging branch across the same valley - but that will have to wait for a while...

The Wills kit provides an excellent basis for customisation and I've improvised drain pipes and reinforcing patress plates to provide a bit more detail. Buttress walls at each end are also missing from the kit, so I've made my own, which finish off the structure nicely.

You can read all about how this was built in the next issue of Model Rail magazine (MR243), out on 14 December.


  1. Great kitbuilding George but what of an idea of scratchbuilding using tubes from rolls of carpet to form the arches?


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