This repainted and detailed Vi-Trains Class 47 has been sat on my workbench for about 6 months, awaiting fitting of a set of laser-cut glazing from the Extreme Etchings range. One of those small jobs that I'd been meaning to fit around other, more pressing tasks, I can't believe it's taken so long to actually get it done. After all, the glazing only takes about 30mins to instal. Better late than never...?!

The new glazing offers a significant improvement over the original glazing units. So much so, that I'm looking to treat my entire Vi-Trains and Bachmann '47' fleet eventually (I'm currently halfway through). Using a set of etched brass wiper masks from PH Designs, a little 'dirt' has been airbrushed over the windscreens to add a final touch of realism.

Looks Like Glass, from Deluxe Materials, is a perfect medium for securing the laser-cut glazing, while also providing a protective film over the plastic. Simply brush it over the glazing once it has been pressed into position.


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