DRS Class 20 Revisited

Although the Warley show is now a few weeks behind us, I only just got round to emptying my ‘samples box’ last week, working out how I’m going to feature some of the products that various traders were kind enough to pass my way. Of particular note is a set of Class 20/3 conversion parts that Shawplan's Brian generously gave me.

I converted a Bachmann ‘20’ for my first loco detailing book – as pictured here – making use of a series of A1 Models bits that were the only suitable parts available at the time, plus a degree of scratch-building. Now, I don’t want to do the A1 bits down as the finished model looks pretty good (if I say so myself) but, compared to these new Shawplan products, the A1 window frames do look a bit chunky.

A further boon for DRS Class 20 conversions is the availability of etched kits to form the extra bodyside fuel tanks. Ironically, there’s now a choice of kits for this feature, from Shawplan and PH Designs, both looking supremely well executed and I’m looking forward to trying both. Mind you, it means that I need an extra Bachmann ‘20’...


  1. hi i was wondering do you replace the lights on the front of the class 20 and if you do where do you get them?

  2. Hello,
    THanks for the comment. The headlights have been replaced. On the model featured here, the upper headlight was scratchbuilt from plastic strip, while the lower WIPAC style units were castings from Shawplan (www.shawplan.com).
    PH Designs now also offer packs of suitable headlights, see www.phd-design.co.uk


  3. Hi there, I was wondering where did you get the DRS coloured paints? Many thanks,

  4. Hi,
    The DRS blue paint is from the Railmatch enamel range, courtesy of Howes Models (www.howesmodels.co.uk). Other Railmatch colours were matt black for the roof, and standard warning yellow (the modern shade, ref 210) for the ends.


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