The Network Rail 150 project seems to be taking forever... it's nearly finished now, though.

Another busy weekend full of painting and weathering projects for both Model Rail and my next book title. First and foremost has been the Network Rail Cl150 DMU that is now almost complete: Today will see the decals and final varnish coat applied, so we're looking at a Tuesday finish... with Press day on Thursday, I'm cutting things a bit fine. But that's what happens when you go on holiday - the model's still waiting for you when you get home.

I really must train Maude the Cat in the art of rolling stock conversion and painting...

Also trundling along the Dent production line is a repainted Dapol tank wagon in NCB ownership, lettered as a water carrier for the loco water tower on Maudetown Colliery (which is also now completed and in situ).

This Bachmann TTA has been detailed with an S-Kits detailing fret (new walkways, ladders, handrails etc) and repainted for use as a loco fuel carrier for my little MPD layout. It's about to be suitably weathered.

Progress on my small HAA fleet has seen the hoppers painted and decals added. They now await weathering before reassembly.

Some N gauge work has also been progressing with a delicate weathering job applied to this Farish Jinty. 

At the other end of the scale, this O gauge Tower Models Pug has been numbered and a BR logo applied. The shiny appearance will soon give way to a more lived-in look.


  1. Hi George,

    I've ordered the conversion for the 150, lookin forward to doing it! Yours looks superb!
    Just wondering aswell if you can post a link to my blog on the side.

    Thanks very much!
    Chris L

  2. Hi Chris,
    Sure, just let me know the address of your blog and I'll put a link on.


  3. http://chris-resprays.blogspot.com/

    Thanks very much!

    Chris L


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