The past week has seen much progress on a couple of modern DMU projects, most notably the Network Rail Class 150-950 conversion. All new parts have been added and a priming coat applied. A little extra work with filler and abrasives is now needed before a white undercoat, prior to the bright yellow livery being applied.

So far, it's been a joy to fit the various bits of brass and, once the painting's over with, the small cameras and equipment boxes can be built-up and fitted to the cabs. Things are getting a little 'tight', however, as press day is not too far away and I do hate to rush...

A few coats of Alclad grey primer have so far been added to the modified bodyshells, which helps to reveal any areas that need remedial work with filler and abrasive paper. Building up the coats in very thin layers prevents the delicate details from being swamped by the paint.

Also on the go concurrently is a Bachmann 2-car Turbostar that has been completely stripped and rebuilt due to 'accident damage'. It used to be in Porterbrook white/purple (as featured in Model Rail a few years back) before it's misadventure, but will soon be transformed into a fictional livery.


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