On show on the Model Rail stand at the recent Warley show was a small fleet of our exclusive OO gauge Sentinel 4wVBT locomotive. Chris Nevard, the expert 'photter' took some lovely images of them and here they are, along with the latest UPdate on the model's progress....
These samples have been hand-painted by Dave Lowery to illustrate how the models will look when released. A fourth model, Departmental No. 57 in BR black with the late crest is taking a little longer as we’ve had to commission bespoke transfers to replicate the hand-painted lettering/numbers of the real locomotive – pictures will follow shortly. GWR green No. 13 will have a printed numberplate – the raised one shown here was assembled by Dave from plastic in the absence of an etched brass plate or transfer. These models will shortly be shipped to China as prototypes for the decoration of the production models. We’ll bring you more pictures and information as soon as we have it. Look out in January issue of Model Rail (MR152, on sale December 30th) for more pictures and information about the Sentinels, and many other new models due for release in 2011.

Our sole working prototype ran like a dream over the Warley weekend, despite having to work in challenging conditions. Indeed, it had been working on the office test track for a week prior to the NEC show without any problems. Haulage has been impressive (better than many bigger models) and, even after running for 8 hours at a stretch, the model felt barely warm. As this is a bespoke drive system designed specifically for this model, the level of performance has been very exciting and offers great potential for Dapol products in the future.


  1. do you know if the GWR one will have a crest/ GWR sign aswell as the number?

  2. Hi Simon. No, the GWR-liveried Sentinel will be unadorned, save for the printed numberplate, as seen in the image above. According to our researches, no lettering or crest was applied to No.13 in GW days.

  3. Hello there,
    After receiving expressions of interest in the forthcoming Sentinel model through this Blog, can I ask readers to instead register their details by Email to:

    I'm afraid I can't pass them on from here.



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