Friday, 15 April 2011

NCB 08 Progress

The fictional livery, number and name all sit fairly well on the ‘08’.
Now fully reassembled and ready for a slot in the weathering shop, my NCB blue Class 08 is nearly ready to enter full service. The cab interior has been painted and a figure added, complete with NCB issue ‘Donkey Jacket’ and hi-viz vest! A few other detail additions have been added, in line with my other Bachmann ‘08s’, namely fuel filler pipes and front step cross brace. I covered how to get the best out of the Bachmann model in my book on detailing diesel & electric locos (see panel to right).
Considering that this model started out as a conglomeration of salvaged parts and a reconditioned power unit, it doesn’t look too bad now!

Copper wire and blobs of thick superglue make up the fuel filler pipe beneath the cab.

Although the cab doors of the Bachmann shunter do not open a la the Hornby version, the cab interior is still highly visible through the windows and the painted bulkhead, controls and driver certainly improve the model.

Although not as lavishly detailed as Hornby’s 08 interior, the Bachmann model can hold its own after painting and weathering the control console and adding a driver figure... ...and you’ll be able to see your handywork from the outside!

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