Although most of my Easter weekend was taken up with dog-walks and DIY, I did spend most of Good Friday adding the decals to my two Colas Class 66s, in ‘G’ scale and ‘OO’. The decals are produced by Precision Labels (in all scales) and each pack provides all the icons, numbers and data panels required. Only the overhead warning flashes were needed to complete the ‘OO’ version (from Modelmaster).

Alclad2 Klear Kote lacquer is my current favourite clear coat, especially for pre-decal glossing.

I love working with Precision Labels’ waterslide decals as, although they’re a bit more delicate to work with than other brands, they offer exceptionally realistic results. Applied over a high gloss surface (prepared with Alclad2 clear lacquer) and using Micro Set and Micro Sol setting solutions, the decals adhere supremely well and, once dry, the carrier film is completely invisible. The fact that each pack offers virtually all of the characters required (no having to buy multiple packs for numbers, data panels, logos etc) is also welcome, as is the spare set supplied with each pack to cover for any mishaps.

All that’s required now is a sealing coat of lacquer before reassembly and internal detailing of the cabs. I can’t wait for the ‘OO’ 66 to be ready to take up its berth on my modern MPD layout along with my other ‘Sheds’. Indeed, I’m slowly building up a nice fleet of these EMD machines in a colourful array of liveries... Who said they were boring...?


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