Well, being stuck at home for the foreseeable future isn't much fun, but one consolation has been the recent arrival of my new airbrush compressor - an Iwata Power Jet Pro. Despite being powerful and packed with features, its fairly compact in size and lightweight, so it can definitely be classed as a portable machine.

With a twin-pump motor, the Power Jet Pro boasts dual air outlets, each with its own pressure regulation valve, gauge and moisture filter, allowing two airbrushes to be used simultaneously. A 2litre air tank sits within the steel case and the pressure valves are readily accessible and the gauges clearly visible.

Iwata’s Smart Technology automatically switches the compressor on when the airbrush’s trigger is depressed, providing air instantly at the pre-set pressure. Compatible with virtually any brand of airbrush, a range of hose adaptors is supplied and a handy pair of airbrush holders are fitted to the top of the unit. 

At over £400, it's an investment purchase but, for professional users or demanding hobbyists, it's well worth the money. Build quality is superb and, after nearly a month of use so far, I've had no complaints about the design or performance. The motor, when it kicks-in, is quiet and smooth, and the air tank provides a very smooth flow of air. It's certainly a user-friendly machine and I reckon it should serve me well for years to come. I just can't wait to get the all-clear and start commuting to my workshop in town again, not least as I'm amassing a backlog of painting jobs...

For more details on the Power Jet Pro - and the whole Iwata range of airbrushes and compressors, check out The Airbrush Company's website.


  1. Hi George, your new workshop isn't at home?!? That would drive me crazy at the best of times. At the moment it must be horrid for you. My railway modelling is keeping me grounded :)

    1. Alas no, it's 20 miles away in the city centre, so I can't use it at the moment. Am managing to do some stuff at home, but there isn't much room.
      Take care,


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